So What's Up With Eddie???


aka "the Eddie Tapes"

Updated Last on 07/17/2016




People want to know what's up with me.     A frequently asked question at the party.    Since I probably can't talk much, here's a quick attempt to let you know...


Eddie's Portable Pig Out:

This is the fourth season I'm not operating.    My business is in state of dormancy.      The Dept of Health has asked me to make some changes that effectively halted me in my tracks.    Change 1:   I can't wash dishes in my garage anymore.   Change 2:  A code change disallows the storage of food on ice for greater than 4 hours.    To go forward the right way, I need to purchase my own facilities and a pair of $55K refrigerated vans.   Probably a $500K investment, at least.    That kind of investment doesn't make sense for a seasonal part time hobby which doesn't really pull in bucketloads of cash.         The fully detailed account of it all is here.


I think I'm done with it.    It's a huge undertaking to get rid of the accumulation of equipment, and sooner or later I need to deal with it.   But it's so much easier to stick my head in the sand.


Real Estate

Now that I've decided to not pursue EPPO, it kind of simplifies a lot of decisions for me.    I still dream about having a house with a much bigger garage.  Or a small gentleman's farm.    However, as I march towards my senior years, it becomes obvious that my current home is a blessing.    It's small enough to easily maintain.   I can cut my lawn in 10 minutes.     If I purse bigger properties, it comes with bigger time and financial commitments.        We'll see.   I'm open to change though.    I fucking HATE working out of a single car garage.   I want to shoot myself every time I need to access something.



Notice some new siding on the house!    I had the house sided in the Spring of 2015.   In the process, I added as much insulation as I could get.   My heating bill became even lower.   The house no longer looks so dated.


What's the Next Home Project?

Next on the list is a big one.    I'd really love to redo the backyard landscaping with new deck, multi-tiered paving stone patio, a retaining wall at the back property line to level things out, and add a cooking center befitting of somebody like me.    I want that backyard to be jaw dropping.    I have one quote for like $35K.   Not sure it makes sense to do this, but the longer I stay, the more sense it makes.     Perhaps later this summer I might put some paver stones into the empty garden behind the house, as a temporary improvement but (if I pursue the bigger project) I know I'd be throwing money away if I did.  



Allan is doing well.  He lives in Bradenton, FL (Near Sarasota)  now in a gorgeous FL home on a scenic river..   And he's really doing well with his small business called Beach Breeze Weddings.  He's become a  casual wedding coordinator.    A few years ago, we moved Mom over to Sarasota too.    We wanted her to be closer to Allan, since she's 78 now.     She's also doing well and doing just fine in her beautiful home in a luxury senior community.


Me:   I'm in an endless battle to keep my weight down and try to maintain some semblance of fitness.    I do really well in the summertime with frequent Mt. biking, road biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.   The problem is in the colder months where I can bulk up pretty easily.    In the fall of 2015, I decided to try to counter this depressing effect with something new!   I payed the money and joined a crossfit gym!   I was doing really well with that for 2 months, till I tore up my rotator cuff.    I had to quit.    However, the silver lining was that I had to find some way to burn calories, so I developed a Cardio routine at the gym at work.   I even got into Jogging and am now jogging a few times a week, 4 miles.   I've run two 5K races this summer, if you can believe it.   not fast mind you, but I completed with a pace of 10 minute miles!     All of that, with a refocused effort on curbing my excessive eating, and I dropped my winter layer pretty quickly.   As of this writing, 196lbs.  



I'm still at the same place.  I work in a huge metal shop.   Basically it's a pilot manufacturing facility, that has state of the art metal fabrication capabilities.    I specifically work on armor applications for Military vehicles.   I actually love my job, but I've had enough of the corporate world.  I have only 2.3 more years till I can go out on retirement with full benefits.  Although there's financial incentive to stay much longer, it can't come soon enough.    The minute I can sign the papers, I'm the fuck out of there.   Hopefully aided by a really sweet retirement incentive program.    My heart's just not in it anymore.  I know I should be thankful I have a well paying professional job, but I've had enough.   As for what I do in retirement, that remains to be seen.    I'm a little apprehensive about it.   I thought EPPO would be the big plan, but that's looking less and less likely.        Although not 100% committed to this idea yet, I'm considering hiking the AT as one of my first adventures.    Cross Country Bikepacking interests me.   Volunteering for a variety of good causes interests me, such as Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Operation Barbecue!  And others.     Trail Maintenance Interests me.    I'm looking forward to reinventing myself.     But I do know that I thrive around people, and a challenge will be to not become too much of a hermit.