ZuCkErPaLoOzA: Credits!!!


Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!!  


Zuckerpalooza doesn't happen by itself.   It takes a volunteer "Production Team" to pull it off.   Some of those are recurring participants who I consider part of the Core team.    And some other folks fill critical roles at the perfect time.     I just want to make sure I express my appreciation to everyone who makes it happen, in one way or another.    I'm humbled by all the friends who help with the process, and give selflessly so that ZP becomes a smashing success.   Placing these credits does not fully describe my deep appreciation.....but the least I can do is put a spotlight on their efforts..    Hope I don'tmiss anyone.   



-Jeff Rabin continues to be my musical director for the event, since day #1.      Jeff, accompanied by a wide range of his musical guests and current playing partners, creates a sonic-scape that turns a small party into a real festival.     Jeff always brings a tremendous amount of energy to the scene, and creates the perfect vibe every time.    Rock & Roll, Jamming, Space, Folk, Cajun Slam-grass, whatever it takes.     Jeff is Currently performing as "Lost in Brunswick" (www.myspace.com/jammin39jerseyjeffray) and as a member of The Jugband (www.thejugband.com)., and more recently as a member of Stackabones.     Shameless Plug:  Please Contact Jeff Rabin Directly to inquire about bookings.   [email protected]  

-Todd Johnson  Jeff's Long Time Playing partner Todd is due very special mention.   Aside from his multi-instrumental talents, he plays a HUGE role in the success of this event, year after year, after year.     He graciously accommodates the guest musicians with instruments and their amplification.    It's his PA that powers the band.    He's the Technical Whiz kid here.  This would be 100x tougher to pull off without Todd's gracious support.

- On the Percussion, Gene Clark has kept the beat of Zuckerpalooza going for years and years.   Gene and  John Puccio (bass)  performed together with Jeff and Todd at ZP2012 as the "Lost In Brunswick Quartet".     My deepest appreciation goes to all of them because they "make" the event.   Keeping in mind that they all live in South Jersey, about 2 hours from Denville....it's no small endeavor to hike all the way up here, , set up all that gear, play for 7 hours, break it down, then hump all the way back home. 

- in 2016, we saw the debut of STACKABONES grace the ZP stage.   Stackabones lineup included Butch and Teri Zito, Chip Clofine, Kevin O’Kane, and of course Jeff Ray.  

-Other Guest Musicians  Many musicians have graced the Zuckerpalooza stage for the big all star jam.   In 2016, we saw Bruce Wigdor (Keys, vocals), Eric Aberbach (guitars, vocals), Dave Dickey (Percussion), and Ben Mundt (Banjo)!    There are many more musicians who should be listed here, but that's tough for me to track.       Jeff Rabin keeps an accurate list of all songs played, and who guested.   


-MY GREAT NEIGHBORS (I lucked out in this department) 

-CJ & Caroline Kern, neighbors on the uphill side, continually offer their full support for the event, offering whatever I happen to need.    They allow me to use their driveway and electric for the band, which is super critical to the success of the event.    

-My across-the-street neighbor Robyn Famiano and Joe Holihan who allowed me to park and plug-in the trailer for a few days. Robyn also was the "goddess of the trays", who monitored the various food trays coming out of the upstairs oven, while I attended to the outside needs.   They also totally get into the party, set up their own bar scene in their driveway, and allow Zuckerpalooza spillover.    Block Party Style!    Joe's Regulation Horsehoe Pit adds a nice touch.

-Octavio/Karen Arteaga and Joe's Brother Jaime (Caddy Corner Neighbors), can always be counted on for help, whenever and however I need it.    Oct/Karen's yard also became a great Kid's zone during the party.  Honorable mention to the rest of the neighborhood who simply put up with noise, litter, the cars all over the place. 



Damned near every single one of my guests, from time to time, have added to the success of the party.  Three Primary categories.  In the "hands at the party" classification, who help with dishwashing or serving.   And the variety of people who have held a door, fetched something, carried something, accompanied me somewhere, grabbed the other handle of something, or just stood there talking to me while I'm at my sink, understanding that I might be gone in a flash... so I can continue to keep the gig going, concurrently with socializing!     The second category is " those who bring something":   Man, the list is long here.   Impossible to even begin rattling off names without inevitably forgetting too many others.     But all these additions are impossible for me to pull together, since my focus is on the big stuff.   Your food donations really liven up the menu.  THANK YOU.   The Third Category is "those who feed the tip jar" All I can say is that I appreciate every dollar that gets put in there.  The party cost continue to climb, and this greatly helps to take the sting out of the bottom line..   THANK YOU!



2016 PRODUCTION TEAM (all apologies if I left somebody off the list).

-Joe and Dawn Scheneck  and Lenny Freilich critical on Friday to help me erect the big tent, electrical/lighting setup, and do much of the the heavy lifting.  They really helped things move forward and get a head start on all else. 

-Karen Arteaga Friday Night setup help..  

-Oct Arteaga Ice Run & General Help

- Joe Hollihan Friday Night Stage lighting and general help

-Ken Hunnewell and Charley Carter PreGig Hands, Dishwashing

-Kevin Neimeyer Dishwashing..

-Robert Kim French Fries, Kitchen Help

-Robyn Famiano Goddess of the Trays (Monitored upstairs oven)

-Jim Thomas Cheffing Help

-John Graziano Cheffing Help

 -Hunter Swenson  Barrels and a hand here and there.

 -Karl Weiss  Tap System loaner.  


-Eric Trechak, Ken Hunnewell, Dave Dickey Erik Lesniak Stayed Overnight, and helped with the Sunday Party Cleanup, grill cleaning. cooler scrubbing. etc.

-Ryan Mansfield, Mike Poandl Sunday Afternoon Cooler Scrubbing/Cleanup.

Extra kudos for the Sunday cleanup crew.   This is not easy work, not made any more glamorous by hangovers, heat, and lack of sleep.    But without them, ZP doesn't ever happen again!  It's just too much for one guy.


-I also had several other dishwashers that chipped in all throughout, but the names are escaping me..   Much Thanks!!


Anyway, once again, thank you to all who help.   I love you!      I'm sure I'm fucking up by skipping a few notable helpers here, so if I did, lemme know.       











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