ZuCkErPaLoOzA 2018 !!!! 

(The 17th one)

Saturday, July 28, 2018  1pm-?????


ZuCkErPaLoOza History:  ZuCkErPaLoOza really started out around 1992, the summer after I purchased my home in Denville.    It's origins were as a housewarming party, then called the "1st Annual Clambake".    The following years were "Annual Clambakes" (also known around then as "Zuckerfests").   By the third of fourth year, it was formally going by the name "ZuCkErPaLoOzA", the name inspired by Perry Farrell's "Lollapalooza" festival (a groundbreaking alternative rock festival).     Back then, I had the time and youthful energy to do these parties annually, but that soon started to become tiresome.   The annual thing got rather stale, and my friends were more apt to blow it off..   By around 2000, I turned it into an "Every-Other-Year" thing, which seemed to be the right frequency to keep myself and my friends motivated.


ZuCkErPaLoOzA DiArY!:  My day to day dribblings on ZuCkErPaLoOzA has been happening on Facebook Event Page these days.     Click Here for some choice ZuCkErPaLoOzA Pics.   


MUSIC:  Jeff Rabin will, once again, be the music director.   And once again,  Jeff, Todd, Gene and John-"Lost In Brunswick"-will be the house band.   This year will be a Blues Oriented day.   Blues, Brews & BBQ!   Lost in Brunsiwck will be playing from 3:30 til 7pm.  They will be joined by veteran blues hamonica player, Tony Sky during the afternoon.  .   Then from 7:30 til 10pm ZP will be topped off with the traditional Big Jam-out, where any musical Zuckerpaloozer is invited to come up with his or her instrument, amp and cord and play in the band.  The band will be playing from the uphill neighbors' driveway.  Please note there will NOT be an indoor late night set.     Click here to see the ZP 2016 Setlist.


CHILDREN & CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINMENT:  Children are accommodated in the "Kid's Zone", backyard by the deck with some candy, juice boxes, snow cones, etc.     In recent years, having kids of their own, my Caddy-Corner Neighbors, Oct and Karen, have graciously opened up their yard to ZP Children (KIDS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ADULTS AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON OCT/KAREN's PROPERTY).     New for 2018, a small bouncy house will also be at Oct/Karen's house.      Not having toddlers myself, I really don't have much else to offer in the form of Children's entertainment.  I need all the help I can get with that.  Please feel free to bring stuff that kids might like, such as coloring books, arts & crafts, games, wading pools, etc.     Or now that your toddlers are young adults, bring their handheld E-games or other age appropriate diversions.     But I ask that you do NOT bring stuff that will be an unusual cleanup annoyance, like face painting, glitter, or stuff that will get tracked into the house, wiped off on furniture, things of that nature.    Diaper Changing Room will be in the Computer Room.     PARENTAL WARNING:  My home is NOT at all childproof, nor is the cooking area.   There are items in the house that can actually KILL curious children of all ages.  Not at all kidding.    So please be on top of your offspring at all times.    Kids are welcome during the day, but ya might not want them around for the late-night ugliness.  PETS:  My home/property is not particularly pet-proof either.    I'm not against a well-behaved and attended-to dog being brought though.


RAIN OR SHINE:   The 20’ x 20’ Party Canopy will be deployed, as well as two 10'x10' pop-up canopies over the band in the neighbor's driveway (CJ and Caroline Kern).   Two additional Pop-Up canopies will be deployed on the deck and in the driveway, as well as various huge tarps.    Between that and the rest of the house.....There will be a party!   Don't be a slave to the weather.


INVITEES:  This invitation is mainly for my friends, their immediate family, significant other(s), mistresses, parents, and the people who just so happen to tagging along with them.   Just remember that this is still a private party.....not open to the world  (if you are some random internet surfer who stumbled on this page, piss off!!)!       SUGGESTION: Try to coordinate amongst yourselves w/respect to arrival times, so you don't stand there alone all day (It's a long day-this thing covers lots of hours).     Also, if I didn't specifically invite you, you probably fell thru the cracks.   So stay in touch in the months and weeks before ZP, and you won't fall thru the cracks! 


RSVP: Please RSVP by July 20th or so.    Inaccurate Headcount=Wa$ted Ca$h!


FOOD:   A general “Cook-Your-Own” BBQ (usually Burgers/Dogs/Chicken/Sausage) will be served for the duration (or till it runs out), as usual.    A distinct dinner will be served at 6pm (or thereabouts), and will remain served till it runs out. (Most likely featuring large meatfest objects such as Pig Roast/Pork/Chickens/Turkeys/Top Rounds...or whatever inspires me at the time.  And a bunch of trays (Mac & Cheese, Lasagna, etc) Menu TBD)   I'll provide the main courses.   Please bring: finger foods, desserts, appetizers, salads (tall, thin plastic containers work better in the crowded salad bar), snacks, or whatever else you think will "go".      If it needs to stay hot, please bring in rectangular pans that fit my steamtables.       Tupperware/Utensils:  Please remember your empty containers & utensils, which might end up in the Garage Sink…Be forewarned: EDDIE usually has no recollection of who's container is who's...and since he can always find a use for Tupperware, you'll never see it again..  


Party Timing: You're always welcome to come super early if ya wanna help with light prep.  11am-ish.     The grill-your-own lunch is out by 11am, so theoretically "Food's On!" for "crew".    Guests start to dribble in around 2pm, advantage is getting the best parking.   The Band plugs in around 3pm and the party is well underway.    From then on, a steady stream of guests arrive.  We're at max headcount around 5-8pm.    The big dinner spread usually comes together around  5 or 6 PM, which you'd be silly to miss....served till about 10pm.  Around 6 or 7pm is the "Changing of the Guard" where the daytime crowd with kids depart, and the evening partiers arrive.    Last call on food is around 11pm.       [In actuality, food is continuously served from Friday evening to Sunday evening, to cover all setup and breakdown crew needs.   There are no foodservice breaks here.  Ever.   You already knew that!]     .     I don't mind people hanging out after 10pm, but we do have to respect the neighbors.  10PM being the official Denville Town Ordinance "quiet time". which dictates when the band stops.      After 10pm, I'm asking people to switch to their "Inside Voices".   By about Midnight, I try to push the stragglers inside for any late night hang.     Lights out around 2am (or 3 or 4, depending  :-) ).


HYDRAULICS:  I'll have the rough equivalent of 1/2 keg of beer, some loose bottles and cans as backup, but when it runs out, it runs out.     In 2016, it was 1/4 Keg of Yuengling and a 1/6 Keg of "Goose Island" IPA.    There will also be a variety of diet and regular sodas/juices, and a bottomless jug of ice water.  You’d be wise to bring your own BEER, ICE & COOLERS is you want anything higher end!   I'll have coolerspace provisions for your warm beers too.   The Interior Bar will be open, but you’re on your own for anything special, and ya may have to hunt for mixers.    Coffee/Tea if somebody feels like making it.    The well marked "Hydraulic Alley" is where you should dump your cooler (The Side of the house driveway).


SMOKING: My house *IS A NON CIGARETTE SMOKING RESIDENCE*.   Please smoke OUTSIDE and use the butt containers.  Please remind others to do the same!  Thanks. 


AIR CONDITIONING: The Central AC is usually on.   Please close the doors behind you and encourage others to do the same.  


BRING:  Sleeping bags, lawn chairs, favorite mugs/drinks, kid support equipment, good appetite, $$ for the tip-jar, etc....

DO NOT BRING: Fireworks, Firearms, Weapons, Other Random Incendiary Devices, Glitter, Silly-String, Play-Dough, or generally anything that will leave deep gouges, marks or stains on my furniture, walls, countertops, flesh or landscape.  Do not bring people who: DWI, Fight, get annoyingly drunk, are high maintenance, are total dickheads, hate me the other 364 days of the year, piss off my neighbors, who unknowingly emit foul odors from improper hygiene, or otherwise divert my energies unnecessarily with the need for adult babysitting....


ACCOMODATIONS (aka "ED & BREAKFAST"):   All available floor and bedspace is available to those who stay!  (as long as no drunken singing erupts in my driveway at 3am).    Quarters may be tight, but if you don't mind, I don't mind.  The early morning cleanup might not make for the most restful night of sleep, but I'd rather you stay than engage in DWI.   Camping Permitted in the few level spots on the property. 


HELP:   As you can imagine, ZuCkErPaLoOzA is a mammoth effort.  I can't do it alone.  A couple of people on Friday afternoon are super critical, for tent deploying/wiring/lighting, rigging and heavy lifting.....and "all hands on deck" for the Sunday Cleanup (The Sunday Cleanup being typically the toughest one to find people for, and this year's biggest worry). .   Of course I appreciate some help during the party too, but that is the least of my worries, because everyone's pretty cool about lending assistance.   Dishwashing at any time is always greatly appreciated.       Trust me on this though:  If I ever find myself alone for the Sunday Cleanup, it's really over!


ZuCkErPaLoOzA CREDITS:  Click Here


PARKING: Always a Nightmare!!   *PLEASE* CARPOOL!   Please respect the neighbor's property when you park.   Looks for my signs.   Please, no littering.   Respect noise curfew.


DRUNKEN DRIVING:    "ZERO DWI Tolerance" rule will be in effect.  Got it!?     There will simply be no impaired driving from my residence.      I will go to rather heavy, friendship-terminating extremes to prevent DWI, because it just ain't happening from here.   Ever.    I hope I'm making myself abundantly clear on this.    Thanks for your complaince and understanding.


DIRECTIONS:  Use Your GPS to 28 Shawger Road, Denville, NJ 07834.   If you're really such a luddite that you don't own a GPS yet,  Click Here for printed directions, which you should Print it off NOW so you don't bother me with a phone call in the middle of the party, OK.   That really does irk the shit out of me.  I'll have my hands full.    Thanks.  


APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE:   Bad idea to come to ZuCkErPaLoOzA expecting a great deal of "face time" with Eddie.    Catering/Foodservice/Party organization is in itself, a form of performance.  It's non-stop hard work, and by choice, I set the bar very high with this event.     If I was a rock star and I invited you to my concert, you wouldn't think of speaking with me during the show.   Similar Situation.       My reward is that I know I've created magical time and space for a bunch of people, albeit temporarily.     It feels good to accomplish such a massive undertaking, and I ride high on the adrenaline buzz for weeks.   I do it because "I can!".     Yes, I'd love to chat with you for more than 30 seconds, and I really do try to have a few minutes with everyone... but reality is...ZP is just a bad day for that.    Rather than focus on whatever psychobabble you can pull out of me that day, I'd rather you just enjoy the event itself.     If I were to chat with you, this page contains most of what I'd say anyway, so read THIS!        Let's hook up & catch up another time when I'm twiddling my thumbs with boredom.         Also apologies are necessary to the people I inevitably bump into or bounce off of with my sweaty, disgusting body as I'm whizzing past, intent on some chore.     


QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, General psychobabble, gimme a ring!    Gratefully, 




Edward S. Zuckerman

28 Shawger Road

Denville, NJ 07834

or [email protected]

(973) 627-2722 H

Usually 6:00pm-10:00pm

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973 634 0897 (Cell)




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