Ed & Breakfast

Denville, NJ

Proprieter:  Eddie Zuckerman


Nestled in the rolling hills of the lovely lake community of Denville, is Northern NJ's Premier "Ed & Breakfast"!    Established in 1990, Ed & Breakfast has been host to wide variety of Special Guests, including Famous Musicians, Family & Other Relatives, Fraternity Brethren, Friends, and other Noted Celebrities!     We are world-famous for our culinary presentations, which are often the whimsical experiments of our very own 5 Star Chef "Eddie".     We bend over backwards to maintain our strong tradition of being "The Perfect Hosts".    We pride ourselves on being party-friendly and offer our full support to fun loving adventurists of all sorts.  (We have a particular fancy for traveling concertgoers, touring musicians, Deadheads, backpackers).     Come stay in our Lovely Raised Ranch featuring our signature "hand-me-down, garbage-picked, salvaged from the dumpster" decor.



Internet Access/Computer/Office

Cable TV, VCR, DVD with (tada!) REMOTE CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!

Air Conditioning

Surround Sound Stereo

400lb/day Ice Machine (Summertime only)

Complete Overstocked Kitchen

24/7 Snack Service

Stocked Bar & Beverage Service 

BBQ Grill

Indoor Plumbing with Real Scott Toilet Paper

Bathroom Spray, now in three pleasant essences (Peach, Rose, and Floral!)

Collection of Convenient Toiletries, stolen from only the finest hotels.

Full Service Catering for all your needs.

Mechanical Support for all your in-transit problems.

Adventure Outfitting, trip planning advice, and general support for *everything*. 

Bed Turn Down Service

Wake Up Call

Mint Candy on your Freshly Laundered Towel.



General:   4-6 people can stay very comfortably.      We can probably fit up to 14 people in the house, if we had to....but I don't recommend it.    7 of those would have proper cushioning under them.    The rest would have 2nd Tier service (floor space with possible "temporary" cushioning devices, such as "Ridge Rests", inflatable mattresses, or other impromptu cushioning).   Small house, with fairly poor acoustic damping.    So the more people onboard, the more noisy it gets.    Put another way:  When we're full, don't expect to sleep late.  You'll be on "group" schedule.   


All guests are subject to the anal-retentivity of your host, Eddie.     I am a neat freak extraordinaire, and an organization-nut.  The house is optimized for the management of your stay, so there's a method to practically everything.    But don't worry...I'll scream at you if you're doing anything wrong.     We recycle.   We are a Non-Cigarette-smoking residence, and all smokers are asked to use the conveniently placed butt containers outside. 


Accommodation Descriptions in Descending Order of Preference:


Primary Guest Room

11' x 11' room, Double Bed, with dresser.   Blinds/Shades.     This private room is  located upstairs next to the bathroom, and is usually the first to be doled out.   The privacy makes it the best choice for couples, and special guests.    Mainly set up to be as close to a hotel room as I can get it!     Upside:  Privacy, Dark, quietest accommodations in the house.   Downside:  Next to bathroom, so midnight flushing can be heard.    Also the coldest room in the house, due to it's location over the garage.


Basement Living Space

This is considered the "Party Pit" of the house.    A small, comfortable seating area for casual conversation situated in front of the main stereo system.  This room also has the open bar, and features the second bathroom of the house.    There are two full-sized couches, which are quite comfortable for sleeping.    Also a futon, which sleeps one (or two tightly).     Floor Space for 2 or 3 more.    Upside:  Dark, Reasonably quiet.    Downside:   Subject to high traffic in the morning, as the bathroom and the garage are frequently entered.     This room is subject to the noise of the Boiler (don't close the door to the utility closet please!).      Allergy suffers tend to have problems down there, probably from a little dust..


Secondary Guest Room (Computer Room/Office)

9' x 11' private room, Single bed, with floor space for one.   The bed is normally covered with a large wooden tabletop which provides working space for the office.   The tabletop is very difficult to remove, particularly since there's a large TV on it.    But one guy with a sleeping bag can easily fit on the floor.   This private room is  located upstairs, across from the bathroom.     


Upstairs Living Room

A brand new couch, and floor space for 2 or 3.        This is the worst room for guests because it's the center of activity, includes the main entrance, and is generally the highest traffic room in the house.   There is no privacy.  The room is subject to TV noise, and especially kitchen noise (24/7 Kitchen Hours).    But with a bit of respect on the part of all guests and myself... you can actually get some sleep here.   



In the rare case that we're packed that full, you're free to set up anywhere on the property.  Be advised that since the property is rather hilly, there's only a few level spots suitable for a small tent.   



For those who actually wish to get some sleep, don't worry, you won't offend me if you opt for a hotel.   

The Hampton Inn in Denville, 973-664-1050    Top Notch accommodations.    Rates:  Could stray as high as $119.00, but very likely lower. 

The Mountain Inn in Rockaway, Rt. 46, 973-627-8310    Average accommodations.    Rates:  About $66.00


Directions:  Click Here , and for the accompanying map, click Here.  We are conveniently located to Rt. 80, Rt. 46, Rt. 10.   Also convenient to NJ Transit (Bus & train).    Convenient Shuttle Service can be arranged.   


Parking:   Always a problem.  Carpool, if possible.    Do not park directly in front of the house, as it blocks the across-the-street neighbors' driveway.   Park next to the tree-line on Hussa Street, parallel to the trailer.     If you park anywhere else and plan to spend the night, you must call the Denville Police Desk to "register" (or you will be ticketed).      Ask Eddie for guidance. 


Kids:   Kids are always welcome, but be advised that the house is not at all childproof.    Plenty of hazardous materials and equipment can be found in easily accessible cabinets.     


Pets:  Play by ear.   Sometimes appropriate.  Sometimes not.   The more people onboard, the less appropriate.       



Eddie Zuckerman

28 Shawger Road

Denville NJ 07834

973 627-2722 6pm-10pm EST